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Who are We

“India has a million problems and has a billion minds to solve them”

Udbhava is a venture investment fund and syndicate based out of India with an AUM of over 50 crores, focused on investing in a broad range of industries, companies, and assets that will transform and enable the lives of Indians.

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Our Firm Philosophy


Udbhava will invest in opportunities that specifically solve problem statements effectively, provide value on a macro level, have potentially large market sizes and are scalable geographically in the seed, pre seed, pre series A and series A stages


Udbhava will be backing startups that have it in them to traverse through the adversities, are ahead of the game and are perpetually passionate about disruptive business models


Udbhava will focus on founders with serial entrepreneurship or meaningful corporate experience having strong academic backgrounds who are level headed and are all about the hustle

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Jithu George

Akshatha Shetty

Jitu is an ardent investor who is in love with the process of doing due diligence across a steady deal flow of investment opportunities and enjoys the learning curve by actively observing success stories in the startup and investor ecosystems while educating himself and bettering his investment thesis continually. He has backed over 30 top-performing startups so far in the sectors of IoT | SaaS | AI/ML | Smart Mobility | Food Tech | Banking & Finance | Dating App | Health Tech | Plant Protein | Edtech | Fintech | DeFi | NFT & Blockchain | Mental Wellness |Upskilling Platform

Jithu is also a passionate entrepreneur heading a portfolio of six companies in the domains of Oil & Gas, PVC Manufacturing, and Media who is primarily based in Kuwait and Dubai.

Jithu is a Mechanical Engineer with Triple Masters specialized in Luxury Goods, Business Design, and Brand Management and an alumnus of Neoma Business School (France), MIP School of Management (Italy), and Domus Academy (Italy) who has a wide array of consultancy experience across multiple industries in India, Middle East, and Europe.

Jithu believes in creating a long-lasting social impact by deriving financial pathways accessible to the masses and thereby democratizing wealth creation.

Akshatha is a Silicon Valley-based seasoned corporate executive with diverse experience in Technology, Banking, and Consulting. She has been a seasoned investor with more than 10 years of experience across various asset classes like real estate, funds, public markets, and early & late-stage private companies. She is a 2X founder and successfully sold a CRE startup. She is also the Founder of Makers Bar, a leadership forum that is on a mission to create and raise a million leaders. She has backed over 18 top-performing tech companies SaaS | AI/ML | Smart Mobility | Food Tech | FinTech | Dating App | Clean Energy| Blockchain | NFT Exchange | Consumer goods | EdTech | Consumer Database | Upskilling Platform

Akshatha has an undergrad in computer science from Ramaiah Institute of Technology, MS from San Jose State University, MBA from the University of Southern California, and an Executive Education in Blockchain from the University of California, Berkeley. She is also an Aspen Fellow.

Akshatha is also an avid yoga & meditation practitioner and loves connecting the dots on how capital can make changes to the world and implements Neem Karoli Baba’s teachings in her daily life.

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Udbhava Ventures are more than just financial partners. They champion us every time they have an opportunity. As successful investors, they have a well-connected circle worldwide and can provide invaluable intros for early-stage start-ups and young entrepreneurs — Able Joseph

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